I’ve been reading forums about the BRP Gregorio del Pilar here in the internet and I’ve seen so many positive and negative comments about it. Comments such as “Its an old ship!”, or “It needs more armaments like missiles.”, or “It has no teeth” and stuff like that. To tell you the truth, I am really disappointed with the people who are saying these. These people are of typical Filipino attitude. The Filipino attitude that IS NOT EASILY SATISFIED. The Filipino attitude of COMPLAINING. For these people, regardless of who sits in the Malacanan Palace, they will not be contented. Even if you put the best person, or the best leader there, they would still complain. I hate it. It makes our country divided. We should be satisfied of what we have and what our government gives us. Its not the government, mostly its the people. The people should understand that the The Philippines is still trying to rise from the rubble left behind by the Second World War, and by the Martial Law. We are still trying to correct the wrongs done, and yes of course, we cant stop corruption. Maybe minimize it but not stop it completely.

Now how do I connect these things with the Gregorio del Pilar, BRP GDP as we all know was transferred to the Philippines last May. It was a hot transfer so the ship was received as is. Of course before the transfer, some armaments and radars where removed, which made some Filipinos unhappy and stopped following the progress of the transfer entirely. This is were the Filipino attitude sets in. Some of them even said that “we bought a useless ship”. What they don’t understand is that BRP GDP could be the sea going counterpart of Jose Rizal or Ninoy and Cory. It is an icon of SOVEREIGNTY. An icon of DEMOCRACY. It could also be the modern day USS Maine or USS Arizona. What I mean to say is that, its the presence that makes it unique. Its not the armaments or the equipment that it carries around, it’s the presence and the essence of this large chunk of hard metal floating around. Its the FLAGSHIP, because it would be “flying the flag” on the West Philippine Sea. Of course, other than being an icon, it would also be a platform for training our Navy in modern equipment that are aboard.  The GDP will still be serving the Philippine Navy for 15 years, in these 15 years a lot will happen. We could acquire larger ships, maybe a submarine or two. With the way our economy is going now a days, nothing is impossible. The current flagship is 60 years old, it will need a grandchild or a son to guide it. Now it has one, and it will be put to good use.